Saturday, July 4, 2009

Take your hat off when the flag goes by...

We drove up to Flagstaff to celebrate the 4th.
1. I wanted to see a parade.
2. I wanted to see a parade in cooler weather.
3. We got to use our pop up camper!

Ethan had me take pictures of the temperatures from when we started and when we got there.
Amazing what driving 2 hours north will do.

On the road.

Gavin making a face for the camera.

After a few minutes everyone in the back fell asleep...even Zoe. You can't tell here, but her eyes are closed.


Real comfy.

I caught Gavin signing "more" to Logan because he had laffy taffy.

I must mention that we made reservations at Woody Mountain and when we got there they said they didn't have our reservations AND they don't let Dobermans in!

I told them they sucked...I know, harsh words. (When I made the reservation they asked me if I had any pets and I said yes a dog.)

So we drove down the street to an RV park and told them we have a lab mix. Isn't she a cute lab mix?

We went for a walk after we set up our pop up.

Gavin was not amused by the pine cone.

Ethan and Gavin having a moment.

Logan took this of us.

It took them FOREVER to fall asleep because Gavin kept laughing, but they finally did.

We went to the parade and Zoe did great around so many people.
Gavin liked to wave his flag.
Ethan likes this picture because it looks like it's floating.
...maybe it is...

Everyone commented on how pretty Zoe is. She's a good looking dog.

After the parade. I was happy that Logan was able to get some candy even with so many people. That was always my favorite part growing up.
And one of Logan's favorite things. He used his birthday money to play on the 4 different blow up things.
And just a little video of our walk. Zoe was LOVING it.
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tiff snedaker said...

107? OUCH. That is hot. It looks like you have a nice little mini vacation. And you look so cute pregnant. Good look on you :)

Lois said...

Looks like you had a GREAT 4th of July weekend. Nice to get to cooler weather. Logan & Gavin are such good little boys to take on your trips. Sweet little family.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a fun and cool 4th. Your camper is pretty neat, and not really "roughing" it. Can't wait to see you guys.
(Blu Gramma)

Rachael said...

Parades are so much more fun when it's not blazing......Gavin is looking less babyish and his cute dark hair is getting lighter!

Shelby said...

Looks super fun! Curses to all those Doberman haters! :)

Amie said...

what a nice trip! and boo on the original camping spot!!

Stephanie Watkins said...

Great trip! I bet you enjoyed the 37 degree temperature change :). What kind of car seat does Gavin have? It looks really cool.

stephanie Watkins said...

Okay, I looked on your other blog and found the car seat info, so you can just ignore the question I posted :).
I also saw that you are having a hard time with names. I am addicted to the baby name website (even though I'm not pregnant :) It's got AWESOME lists and it includes the SSA ranking so you know how popular the name is. I LOVE IT!!! Also, I've used in the past. You can check that one out too. Good luck!

Jenna said...

I'm glad you had fun even with the reservation mix-up. Sorry about that. The parade looks awesome and cooler weather does make a big difference! I think Gavin's carseat was featured in American Baby this month, I'll show you.

wittygal said...

We went up north too! We were in Williams and it was so beautiful. No fiereworks though, BUMMER!