Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Baby Book!

I got a cool package in the mail the other day from Blink Blots.

My very own custom designed baby book!

It came in this cute box, wrapped up very snug.

Each page has all the necessary stuff and none of the stuff that you'll never fill out anyway.
(Like Gavin's baby book goes up to his 4th birthday. Yeah right I'm going to be filling it out by then!)

My favorite was the little envelope for the baby's hair. I remember my baby book having that, but neither of the boy's do.

Another cool thing is that it comes with it's own matching pen! And it's a nice pen too. The pages aren't glossy so it won't smear and inside the box are clear page protectors that you slide on after you finished a page.
I know these will come in handy when the feet get stamped in there. I had to put clear contact paper in Gavin's so that the feet wouldn't smudge the other side.

She thought of everything when making these baby books! The fabric was designed by Lichen Frank herself and there are many other styles to choose from. She can even print your baby's name inside on the front page (we just hadn't decided on ours yet, so there is a line where I fill it in.)

Right now till the end of September you can get $10 off if you mention "Kyla's 1".

Order on her website.
Order on her etsy site.


Stephanie Watkins said...

The baby book looks AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing. Another thing on my list of baby must-haves.
Also, Ashley, I must say that I am totally envious of your card exchange group. The cards always look fantastic!