Friday, December 11, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This was my blessing outfit when I was little.
Jane loved it.
I borrowed a friend's sling yesterday and I absolutley love it. I also got this shirt in the mail from my sister; also love it.
I let the boys decorate some cookies yesterday. Gavin thought it was pretty cool. My usual super soft sugar cookies didn't turn out so well this year because I made them small therefore I must have cooked them too long.

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Anonymous said...

Those are really cute pictures! I love how Gavin is pointing at the cookie. I saw someone with a sling like your and wondered how they work. You should get one. It seems it might be hard on your back? Loved loved the pic of Gavin and Zoe. How sweet is that?

S. Fantasia said...

Aren't slings the greatest?? You should make one - it is pretty easy. :o) Love the pics.

Rachael said...

Gavin is so cute! You are brave to let the kiddos decorate cookies....not going to happen with me for a while!

Jenna said...

I'm glad you found a sling, it looks great! Love the shirt too...although you don't usually wear pink!