Thursday, February 25, 2010


Today, Jane wore a new outfit from Aunt Lichen.

Logan laid in the sun.

Logan and Gavin played in their new costume boxes.
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Steven Shepherd said...

Love the druel Jane!
And Logan and Gavin, Papa used to do those very same things; Sleep in the sun and play in my favorite box!

Love you, Papa

Vince | UPrinting said...

Very cute outfit for Jane! The cyan and green colors really match!
Even Logan and Gavin clothes and costume boxes match too, I just noticed!

Jess said...

They are all so cute! I love it when my kids play with boxes...makes me feel like I have my own giant Jack in the Boxes to play with. LOL

Val said...

I LOVE that pic of Logan laying in the sun! Priceless!

Jenna said...

Jane's outfit is adorable, I LOVE babies in hoods! I'll have to check out those boxes, I remember you telling me you were going to get some at IKEA.

Lichen Frank said...

Is she really that big already? Kyla wore that at 1