Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sleepovers and friends in town

On Friday night Ethan and I went out on a date while the Deans came over and the kids got to have a sleepover.

Jenna took these pictures for me.

Then Saturday Ethan's old friend Josh and his son Cohen came in for a visit.
Logan and Cohen hit it off with a bunch of wrestling.

Don't you love Gavin's face?

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*lindsey said...

Gavin's face is priceless!

Well, how have you been? I've been here! Just haven't been able to work out much. My sister is still living with me until she has her baby, which apparently is NEVER going to happen, so that has made me lazy in the "get up and go work out!" department.

Only, she went into labor last Wednesday, so we called her husband who hopped on a plane, and my parents who drove 5 hours to get here, and then it turned out to be a false alarm. Awesome.

Then Blake just had his baptism Saturday, so there have been like, 20 people here for that, then they all left. Then Matt left town today for a week, so my grandparents decided to extend their stay with us for a week.

Only my grandpa had a little heart attack last night at 2 am, so I spent the night in the ER with him, now everyone that just left is coming back to help take care of him AND my sister, because she decided that in the midst of all this happening, she might as well get her membranes stripped today.

And, like that's not enough, Matt's mom just called and asked to plan a baby shower for my sister in law. For Saturday.

My head might literally explode.

Shannon said...

Well I can't wait for C & L's wedding day!! They sure make a cute couple!! hahaha

Lois Shepherd said...

What a funny, funny, boy Gavin is. He should be an actor. Who does he take after in this talent?

Jenna said...

Yes I do love Gavin's face. Very much. And I loved them laying together on the couch..those two make me laugh. I was sad we didn't get to hang out much today at the zoo!