Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

We have waited so long for this Surprise city egg hunt. Last year it was canceled because of rain.

It was PACKED, but the boys had fun.
I made sure we were all wearing red so we could spot each other.

Jane in her new Easter dress that Omi made her.
Click on it so you can see the detail in the smocking that my mom did. She's amazing.

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Val said...

That dress is precious (as is the baby in it!)....your mom should start selling them...she could make a boatload!

Amie said...

cute cute cute cute cute! We've never tried the city's easter egg hung--mostly due to the fact that you hear about kids getting crushed and too many kids, etc. But it sounds like they're finally dividing it by ages, taking more control to avoid people getting hurt, right?

Shannon said...

CUTE!!! We went to the City of Peoria's and it was fun too. Glad you were able to go!

Jenna said...

I'm so glad Logan finally got to go, I know he was looking forward to it. I LOVE Jane's dress.

Rachael said...

go figure it rains on the day you don't want it to! Can Omi make me a dress for Lindin too?

Lois Shepherd said...

Beautiful dress your mother made. She certainly is an exceptional seamstress. And Jane looks darling in pink. Beautiful little girl.