Thursday, April 8, 2010

The yard

Zoe has taken over the back yard.

We took over the front.

Here is a before shot:

And a close up of the plants that were in the front. We (meaning Ethan) had to tear all those out which was NOT an easy task. Plus we had a big mound of dirt and rock that needed to go.

In the process:

Beautiful beautiful grass (and curbing!)
Why did I want this done?
1. It looks WAY better.
2. Zoe makes our back yard smell like pee
3. I like to people watch and now I can sit out here with the kids and do that. Maybe I'll meet some more people in our neighborhood.

The next step is to change the plants in front of the window. I'll take pictures of that once it is done.
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Shannon said...

very nice!!!

Steven Shepherd said...

Looks great

Mark and Jessica said...

Wow, that was a LOT of work! It looks great. I think grass looks better than rocks as well.

Amie said...

looks really good!

Jenna said...

It looks awesome Ashley, I'm very happy for you guys!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! That looks terrific! Sure was a lot of work buy the results are great. A couple of comfy chairs under that awesome tree and you're ready to people watch.

Lois Shepherd said...

You do a great job Ethan. I'm sure Ashley did her part -- even if it was to supervise. Looks great

Rachael said...

It looks great! Good job Ethan!

Toni said...

It looks so great! There really is nothing like a lawn in the front yard. Good luck with your people watching and meeting! I'm excited to see it in person one of these days.

We really do need to get together so our boys can play together. How do you feel about coming here to swim once the weather warms up? I'm a little scared to by myself with the boys, but hope I can manage.