Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Say "Arizona!"

Kate, Jake, Jessica, & Ian at their hotel pool. We went and swam there one morning.

Jane chillin' in the shade sucking her thumb.

Jane's new shades. Everyone else had them, now she does too.
She could have laid here for a long time. This was Jane's first time swimming.
Gavin would only go to that first step. He wasn't a fan of the deeper water.

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Jenna said...

pool time is the best

wittygal said...

How fun to have family visit. I hope they didn't melt.
P.S. You have the best smile.

Lichen Frank said...

KB says "jeen,hi!"

Lois Shepherd said...

Kids always love the water -- kiddie pool or deep water, it is always so fun. Great photos