Monday, July 26, 2010

The many faces of Jane

New outfit from Blu Grandma

Bluth happenings:

I sang a duet in church for the first time. That's a scary thing to do!
I'm throwing my first baby shower this week. It should be fun.

School starts for Logan on August 9th. Can you believe it?! He's going to be in Kindergarten!

Ethan's working. (Then he started singing the "working in a coal mine" song)

Gavin still likes to drink milk first thing in the morning. And throughout the day.

Jane has been babbling and getting really good at sitting up. And she LOVES to eat.
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Barry and Jessie said...

Jane is so cute, I can't believe how big she is getting! You guys did great singing in church, you should do solos more often! :)

Toni said...

Jane looks just like Ethan! And that dress is ADORABLE!!

WHAT, you have a kindergartner? Are we old enough for that??

I had to speak in church yesterday and I felt like my voice was shaking the whole time. I think singing (except for a solo) would be much easier. But still scary! I'm sure you did great!

Anonymous said...

My Gosh, Jane is soooo cute! That funny Gavin and his cute faces is everywhere! Ethan is working...that's always a good thing. Is Logan excited for school? Have you got his supplies yet?

Jenna said...

I love Jane....and Gavin....and Logan....they are all have expressive faces.

Jess said...

They are all getting so big! I cannot believe that Logan is old enough for kindergarten already! Where has the time gone?

wittygal said...

You did great Sunday! I was admiring Jane's sweet face on sunday. She is so cute!

Amie said...

He'll do so great at do you think YOU'LL do? The first day my oldest went, I cried all day. The first day my youngest went, I sang and danced all day. :p