Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weekend in Pinetop

My friend Helena invited me and the kids up to her family's cabin this weekend in Pinetop AZ. It's a 4 1/2 hour drive from us but so much cooler. It rained a bunch and it was marvelous.

The cabin (11 bedrooms)

Jane in the sweet high chair.

Gavin being cute with me.

We took a walk around the lake.

A day at the park.
While there Jane got her first 2 teeth. Do you see them?
There were so many fun things to do so I just piled all the pictures here together.

Adirondack chair lounging by the pond, swinging from the rope swing, swinging in the hammock, playing on the swing set, climbing a TALL tree fort, playing with toys, kicking balls, and riding down the zip line.
Our last night I found the boys like this even though they had separate beds.

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Natalie said...

What a fun/BEAUTIFUL place. I would die to have access to a cabin like that.

Anonymous said...

what an awesome place to have a family reunion! Where was Ethan?

Amie said...

HOLY COW on the cabin?! Gorgeous! How could you NOT have fun, right? it's perfect!

Jenna said...

That looks so amazing! I'm so glad you were able to go!

Rachael said...

FUN! I want to move back to AZ!

Lois Shepherd said...

What a great time you had. Too bad Ethan couldn't enjoy it with you. Great that Jane now has two teeth.
Sweet pictures.

Swing sets Australia said...

I'm dreaming to have cabin like that, so the family can have great time together. The last picture is so sweet.

Toni said...

OMG, you're wearing JEANS in that picture! I'm so jeaous. I miss those. When does this summer heat end??

thesvancaras said...

Could that be anymore fun? Looks like you had a blast!