Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bear Lake

My family went to Bear Lake August 5-8th.

-Gavin made many pirate faces.
-We played in the sand; Max bathed in it.
-Katie gave Justin Beber impressions.

-We read books together.
-We sent the kids on scavenger hunts.
-We played hot tub Catch Phrase

All the cousins with their reunion shirts Aunt Jessica made.

Awesome picture my brother took.

Jane enjoyed the water.
First family pictures since 2005

This last one makes Ethan and I laugh because Gavin (and Kyla's) heads were superimposed. I think originally they were looking down.
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Barry and Jessie said...

Looks like such a fun time! I love Bear Lake! That picture your brother took is very cool!

Jenna said...

Don't you wish vacations could last forever?

Amie said...

LOL too cute. What a fun vacay, looks like! I love the family pictures!

Natalie said...

I also love the family pictures! They turned out AWESOME!

Diane said...

I love your family pictures! How fun it that.

Lichen Frank said...

i would like to superimpose a new face on my head. Let me at the RAW files!

CoreyandShanda said...

Love Bear Lake!! Looks like you had so much fun!

Lois Shepherd said...

What a great family gathering. Who taught Gavin to wink so cute???
Wonderful pictures.