Friday, January 21, 2011

Vehicle #11

Well we are on to our 11th vehicle. It's a Ford Ranger. Our 3rd Ford Ranger actually.
This car will get better gas mileage and will lower our monthly payments. (Ethan loved his F-150, it was a great truck). Ashley's favorite was the Jeep Patriot. I miss her...

Let's go through the list one more time.

1. Honda Civic '98

2. Jeep Cherokee '01

3. Ford Ranger (Stranger) '93

4. VW Passat '99

5. Ford Ranger Sport '06

6. Mazda 3 '05

7. Jeep Partiot '07

8. Chevy Colorado '04

9. Ford F-150 '08

10. Ford Freestyle '05

11. Ford Ranger '07

*Note, this is 11 cars in our 7 1/2 years of marriage :)


Amie said...

That IS a lot of cars! I'm sure you have us beat and we're workin' on 13 years! Hope it works out for you. On the plus side, you always get that New Car Smell! :)

Jenna said...

Crazy but fun too! I like black a lot. I told David I want a charcoal gray or black color for our next car. :) Who knows if it will happen though!

tiff snedaker said...

That's a lot of cars! How come you are switching/changing so much?

Natalie said...

Atleast, they all aren't sitting on your yard and in front of the house at once ;)
It's quite the collection you have had.

Anonymous said...

I think you guys have beat Bryan and Jessica. You do realize you live in Ariz. Black cars in Ariz are not cool in the summer.

Shannon said...

awesome! So you have #10 still right?

Darren and Traci said...

haha that's a lot of cars. We had our cars from when we were in high school and didn't buy our very first car together until 5 years after we were married. Then we just replaced our other one last week. Crazy that you've been through so many!

the McLaughlin's said...

I love that you guys have pictures of all your cars. I thought Bry was the only one to take pictures of cars. Well done.

Shannen said...

The Patriot was my favorite of all of your cars too. I've wanted one for years, but got nervous when I saw how long yours didn't stick around. I'm glad to hear you actually liked it - it may just end up back on my wish list after all.

Congrats on the new set of wheels.

thesvancaras said...

Now I understand being a shoe or hand bag addict but cars?... just sayin. :O)

Jess said...

You've definitely got us beat. We have had 7 cars/trucks total. And we've been married almost 16 years. I agree w/ Shannen, the Patriot was my favorite too. ;)

Cheryl said...

well we've been married 14 years and have had 8. wow, i just counted them up and thought we had way less than that. we don't have pictures of all ours though. that's a lot for only almost 8 years!