Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jane has really been into books lately. This may not be new to some of you, but it's new to us. Our boys have never really just sat down to look at a book.

Jane will give you a book, then back up into your lap.

Every so often I'll make a card for my card swap that I really like.
Today was one of those occasions.
The theme was to use origami in the card.

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Jenna said...

So NOW will Ethan be ok with owning books???? :) I'm drooling over your cards, they're unbelievable. I seriously don't even want to try now. Is the celebrate a rub-on?? I love hearing Jane talk, she's getting big!

Adrienne & Scott said...

Jane is so cute!!! And so are you cards! Savannah loves books too. She could thumb through books for hours. I can't wait till she comes to me and sits in my lap like Jane does. Too cute!!!

Shannon said...

Love the cards!

Anonymous said...

Your cards are awesome! You are just so talented. It's great that Jane likes books, it will give her endless pleasure. One of these days, when Ethan asks Jane to say Daddy, she'll surprise him and say "Mama". Really cute video.