Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ebeanstalk review

Ebeanstalk takes pride in only having the best and most unique toys on their website for you to buy. They have a team of child experts test out every baby toy before it goes on their website. That way, you know you are getting only the very best learning toys available!

I came across this website that has a really neat idea: Why send a toy when you can send a year's worth of development? Every 3 months a new toy arrives expertly-matched to the stage of the child's development.

Cons: Although this is a neat idea, I don't quite understand the pricing of it. Each category has a different price with different toys. For example the cheapest package is $95.00. You get 4 toys in the course of a year (1 every 3 months). I clicked on each toy and the total added up to $63.96. I would think if you were signing up for this you should get some sort of discount on the toys, not have to pay more. Even with the "free" ($17.95) dictionary it wouldn't cost that much. Their most expensive package is $239.00. Again I added up the 4 toys in this group and the total came to $208.46 if I just bought the toys on their own separately.

I am pretty frugal, so this wouldn't be something I would think about doing.

Con: I love clearance! Like I already said, I'm a frugal person. So I browsed their clearance section and found lots of toys on sale. BUT a closer look and I counted 14 toys that not only weren't on sale, but were MORE than the regular price.
Like this stuffed moose. It's regular price is $37 and it is on "sale" for $43.99. There were 14 other toys in the clearance section that were like this. Odd.

Pros: If you are looking for a unique gift for any age child, this website is organized in a way that can lead you to the perfect toy without much effort on your end.


Lois Shepherd said...

You are a pretty smart gal -- doing all that figuring out. You are smarter than that company.