Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day and chore charts

We went to my sister's for Memorial day. She got Logan a slip n slide for an early b-day present and we busted it out.
I can't believe it, a real smile from Logan. But a cheesy one from Jane.

The kids are driving me crazy. I got this idea from Jenna who got it here: confessions of a homeschooler.
I didn't have a cute hanging thing so I had to make one. They have 4 chores that they do everyday (brush teeth, get dressed, clean their room, and Gavin naps while Logan reads for 20 minutes.) Then they have 2 chores I switch out everyday.

If they get them all done for the day they get a sticker on their reward card. When they get 6 stickers they get a prize.

We have had a problem with the kids misbehaving. I made this best bee-havior chart on my own.

Ethan and I talked to the boys about asking nicely for things instead of "I want some milk" (in a whiny voice), and sharing their toys, not fighting, for Gavin not to touch Jane (because everytime he does she screams)...

At the end of the day we decide if they deserve a star for that day. When they get 4 stars in a row they get a special prize like going to get ice cream with mom or going golfing with dad. It should take them at least a month to get the 4 stars.
And because I find it funny how hard Jane cried in this video, I had to post:

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Jenna said...

It looks great! I kinda like the idea of just flipping them over when they're done instead of moving them down...way to go!

Natalie Smith said...

I have been looking around for chart ideas too. Thanks for sharing yours. The demands are so hard to deal with day after day. Hang in there...hopefully, the rewards will help!!!

Rachael said...

Good job on the Bee Havior chart! I have one too but it has too many chores on it. I like how simple yours is. Gavin and Jane sound exactly like.......Cardon and Lindin. It's so frustrating!
p.s I am still mad you aren't coming to Italy . ;)

Anonymous said...

Your right -- Jane didn't like that. But the boys had fun. That's a great fun water slide. Nice work-out for Dad.