Saturday, July 9, 2011

More of Jane

I feel like I have had lots of posts of Jane lately, but we were just looking at old videos of the boys the other day and I realized I haven't taken as many of Jane as I have the boys. I wanted to capture some of the funny things she's been doing lately.

I love this one because of her little hand on Ethan.

Jane does this scowl then smile thing which we think is hilarious.

And another Jane original is her nodding her head for everything. But the boys were in this video too so it's a keeper.

And this picture is for Ethan's side of the family that don't look at my sister's blog. We spent the 4th at her new house.


Natalie Smith said...

That first picture is the sweetest!

Jenna said...

Those are really cute, what a character. Your sister's pool looks great! Sorry I was out and about this morning and now I'm going to try and lay down. I'll call you after naps.

Shannon said...

aww the pool looks refreshing! Jane is so cute! I love her "teeth" :)

Lois Shepherd said...

What a darling little girl Jane is. She is developing such a cute personality. Gavin and Logan are such sweet boys. Great family.