Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Totino's has partnered up with Myblogspark to host this awesome giveaway. Feel free to "like" totino's on Facebook. Or visit the box tops for education website for more info.

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How to enter giveaway:
Answer one of these questions (1 entry per person)

    • What type of fun project you would use the 250,000 Bonus Box Tops ($25,000 value) to fund if you won the Totino´s "Learn a Ton when School is Fun" sweepstakes?
    • One of your fun memories from when you were in school and how you could help to create a similar experience in you child´s school.

This giveaway will run till midnight August 21st (Sunday). 1 entry per person.


Amie said...

Ooh how fun!

Letsee....for my school, I'd have to go with Laptops in the rooms I think! One of my fun memories was this: each year we went on a big away-from-school field trip. I know the younglings do it still, but it seems once you pass 1st grade, they don't have the funding for anything like that anymore. :(

Shannon said...

If won, I'd use for the ceiling projectors they are saving for now. Gets them of the stands and out of the way of the children and helps protect them from breaking. Anything technology I am game!

tiff snedaker said...

I think it would be fun to see more music incorporated in school when kids are really young. Not just singing, but lessons to learn musical instruments before they get to that age in middle school or junior high where they start band.

the McLaughlin's said...

I always remember field trips being so exciting in school. The idea of getting off school grounds with people you usually only see in that setting seemed extra fun. My mom would let me take a soda in my sack lunch, which was a treat. For some reason we would wrap the can in a wet paper towel and then in foil. I guess that was supposed to help it stay cold? I feel lucky to live where my kids get to go on several field trips a year. I don't send a soda wrap a soda in a paper towel and foil, but it is nice to know that my kids get to have some of the same fun I had.

The Bluths said...

Congrats Amie! You won!