Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Painted House *Update*

I went to the house today and our carpet is in!
Who knew carpet would make me excited.
I went inside, took off my shoes and walked all over it.

Ethan stopped by on his way home and took these pictures with his phone.
Up close:
A bedroom
And our lovely hardwood floors are in too!
Looking through the front door to the entryway.

We have color!
And a driveway.
The back of the house.

Back of the house
We have no neighbors as of yet, but lots of houses being built around us.
Hardwood floors and carpet are supposed to go in this week. Yippee!
Now below here is looking up at the ceiling in the front entryway.
Ethan wants to put up a rock climbing wall. And I think that would be awesome.
And the tile. I specifically asked for them to be laid out in this brick pattern.
One day we drove by the house and they were smoothing out the concrete so I asked if the kids could put their hand prints in it.
And the countertops are in.

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bematheson said...

So exciting! Love it!

Cheryl said...

it's looking good! love the cabinets!

Amie said...

Looks VERY nice!

Natalie Smith said...

I am in love with your home.

Jenna said...

It looks awesome, cool about the handprints!

Travis and Heather said...

This house is rocking my world! I had to pull it up to show Travis, it is so funky and fabulous!! Loving all the pictures.

Lois Shepherd said...

You house is going to be so great. I will have to come down when it is finished and check it out. Love the hand prints. The kids will think they are great for years to come.

Shannon said...

Exciting! Love the handprints!

Jenna said...

ok so I must have read this while you were still composing, I had seen all the pictures except for the floors! It all looks awesome!