Thursday, October 27, 2011

A ladybug birthday

Starting off with a ladybug cake.
I hate red frosting, but luckily Ethan was there to mix it for me.
Why don't they just sell tubs of red frosting? I'd buy it!

I tell Jane to smile, this is what I get.
Ethan said he wanted to recreate the beginning of Webster with these balloons...
Opening her stroller from Aunt Terri.

Ethan and I got her a ladybug night light to go along with the boy's night lights.
And to finish it off, a ladybug costume for Halloween.
I love this video because she really gets a kick out of Ethan's voice.
And another video that will be awesome when the kids get older. (Kyla wanting cake, Jane saying Uh-oh and smiling when her stroller is ready...)
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Jess said...

Her giggle & 'uh-oh' are indeed very precious. Love that smile! Happy Birthday sweet Jane!

PS My favorite moment is when they all stop to watch the commercial in the background. LOL

Lois Shepherd said...

What darling, darling videos of Jane's birthday. What a fun time.
She is so pretty. Love you all.

Amber said...

Thanks for sharing, she is so cute. We have the same ladybug nightlight for out little G and she loves it.

Jenna said...

So cute, looks like she had a great party!

wittygal said...

Everyones lives are moving forward, what is up with that? New homes, new cars, kids getting older.... Holy Cow. I like your house and your car. Tell Ethan that Matthew is no longer girl trapped and his new primary actually gives the boys the upper hand.