Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree

I just thought their faces were super funny. And I love this new outfit Omi got Jane.
Right before Logan Christmas school concert.
See Jane's tiny pig tails?
At the concert. They did 3 songs then kicked us out of there, it was awesome.
Here are pictures of the kids from our ward Christmas breakfast.

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Natalie Smith said...

oh my goodness. jane is so grown up and so adorable!

Jenna said...

Love Jane's outfit

Jessica P. said...

I love's Jane's little pig tails, too cute!

Lois Shepherd said...

What cute Santa pictures. They will love them when they get older. That is an adorable purple outfit your Mom sent Jane. I love your new family picture at the beginning. I will print it and put it on my fridge with the other "family" pictures.