Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Break trip

We went to Williams AZ where we took a train to the Grand Canyon and back for spring break.

Logan spilled Lemonade on his shirt before this picture and Gavin's cheeks are all rosy because it was HOT in this restaurant.

All of us at the Grand Canyon. It was quite windy up there.

We visited lots of souvenier shops to get out of the wind.

Getting on the train to go back to Williams

We made Jane walk the whole mile while we were at the canyon (she whined the whole time). But it led her to be very tired when we got back on the train; Gavin too.

Train robbers boarded our train. I don't think Logan was too scared since he wanted a picture with one of them. Gavin was a little scared.

They also had guys with guitars singing to us so we were pretty entertained.
One thing that wasn't expected, on our way back there were 2 streakers running along side the train on either side.
Don't know where they came from because it looked like we were in the middle of no where.
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Natalie Smith said...

Sounds like a fun adventure. Windy days on vacation are always a pain...but fun shops help! :)

Lois Shepherd said...

What a great trip you had -- Robbers and all. That was a cute idea to have Robbers come on the train. Your kids will have fun memories of all your activities.

Jenna said...

Oh man! What a memorable trip!

wittygal said...

Love the Grand Canyon, we go every other year.