Sunday, April 15, 2012

County Fair

The kids and I with our friends the Wynns went to our county fair.
It was relatively cheap since kids 8 and under are free.

They had lots of animals, we saw goats, sheep, chickens, roosters, rabbits, turkeys, and a monkey doing a show.

I let the boys pick 2 rides to go on. Logan picked this roller coaster and the swings.

Gavin picked this boat ride and a car ride. I felt so bad because it took us awhile to find a ride for Gavin that he could go on by himself. He would stand in line only to be turned away because he was too short, or the ride was broken, or he was 1 ticket shy.

Found a cheap place for the kids to eat cheese quesadillas.

Dirt bike show
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Natalie Smith said...

our fair is this coming weekend! we are excited. thanks for making me even more excited!!! looks like your kids had a blast!