Sunday, April 1, 2012

New paint on our door.

I've been in the "I need a project" mode lately so inbetween sessions of conference I decided to paint our front door.
I got the 'hello.' idea from pinterest of course.



This was the door I saw on pinterest. I originally wanted to do orange, but it clashed with my house colors so my sister helped me pick out the current color.
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Lichen Frank said...

you like it? I think it looks great. Where did you get hello?

Natalie Smith said...

i love that new color! it is very welcoming.

Jessica P. said...

Super Cute!! I love the Hello on the door, I haven't seen that on pinterest yet.

Rachael said...

Looks great.....Glad you didn't do orange like you wanted.

Jenna said...

I really like it!!