Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wall art, playdough, projects before baby...

Here is my finished wall art.
Got the idea from here.

My dad hanging it up

The kids have been really restless so my mom made them some playdough. (Can you believe I've never done that with them yet?)

Other things we've done while my parents got here:
-Went shopping for a take home outfit for the baby,
-Had a father's day dinner on Sunday at my sisters,
-Bought wood for garage storage,
-Painted a dresser for the girls room,
-Put together the cradle,
-Put up new curtain track in my room,
-Made curtains for my room,
-Put away clothes that were too small of the kids,
-Made cookies :)
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Natalie Smith said...

that is a fun list of things you have accomplished! i love the art piece!

Lois Shepherd said...

Your wall art looks great with the color of your wall. You used to LOVE to play with playdough when you were little. That's great that your Mom made playdough for your kids. They can spend so much time working with it. Artist development.