Monday, August 6, 2012

1st day of school

In Arizona they start school way too early... but here we are again on Logan's 1st day of second grade.

Ethan took him to school today, but after that he's going to be riding the bus to school.
The bus comes at 6:56.
That means I have to wake up before 6:30.
I'm gonna be one tired momma.
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Amie said...

How exciting for Logan! (And WOW to Gavin's hair!! I always want to buzz my kids, but they hardly ever let me)

The Bluths said...

Yeah Gavin's hair wasn't supposed to be that short. I took the boys to get free haircuts at JCPenney and this is what happened...

Natalie Smith said...

That's too early in AM for such a little kid! He looks super cute tho!