Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shepherd family reunion

My side of the family met in St. George for a family reunion. We rented out a huge house with a pool, and 7 bedrooms.

In this picture we are preparing to do a re-enactment of an old pic. I just liked that we were all cracking up while doing it. Once my brother scans the old picture I'll post it.

Saturday we went to Zions National Park. The kids enjoyed the shuttle to our hike.

Park by the "big house".

Static hair

Train slide

My dad made water balloon sling shots that we had the kids shoot off the back porch.

Audrey would shoot hers the furthest by laying on the ground to pull it back. (Can you see my brother Josh out there to catch them?)

This picture reminds me of my brothers. We had lots of pictures of them wading in the rivers with sticks when we would go on our family vacations. I think they were at Zion's too if I remember right.

We didn't bring a carrier for Sara, so she rode in a back pack.
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Lois Shepherd said...

Thank you, so much, Ashley for those great pictures. What a wonderful time you and your family had. Nothing is better than being with family.
Love you,

Natalie Smith said...

looks like a blast!

Julie said...

Looks sooo fun! Glad you guys got to go on a nice family vacation! I hope it was at least a little cooler there!