Saturday, October 20, 2012

Soccer, basketball, and naps

Is anything sweeter than this?

Our 2 look-a-likes. She was resting her head on Gavin right before I took this picture, it was so cute.

Ethan played soccer today; Jane ate chips.

Sara watched from her awesome chair.

Oh and Logan played his last basketball game of season and had his first basket! So we went to Smashburger to celebrate. (He first said he wanted to go to In N Out, but mom whispered that Smashburger had better milkshakes :)

And I almost forgot, Sara is 4 months old! (Click to view larger.)
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Anonymous said...

So cute with her little hand on her cheek. She and Gavin do resemble each other. She's rolling over too!

Steven Shepherd said...

I can hardly wait for month five.

Rachael said...

that picture of jane on the pillow is funny