Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Puerto Rico

Most of you have seen these already, but I figured I probably should blog about our 10 year anniversary.

This was our first kid-less vacation. And also our first 10 year anniversary ;)

It was bliss, but we did miss the kids.

Kayaking to monkey island

Snorkeling off the coast of monkey island around an old barge that sunk.

Our resort's beach. It's kinda like where's waldo because I am down there on the beach :)

Boogie boarding!

Rainforest ATV tour. See the iguana?

Yes. This happened.
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Monday, August 5, 2013

The bus

This was Gavin's first time riding the school bus and he was pretty excited about it. Plus all of our neighbor friends are riding this year too.

Gavin, Logan, Cardon, Macey
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First Day of School

Yes it's August 5th and we are already back to school.

Logan is in 3rd grade this year and Gavin is in Kindergarten.
It's just me and the girls at home this year.
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pinetop mini vacation

I've been to Pinetop now 3 times at Helena's cabin. It is always fun because the weather there is gorgeous! I love rainy weather!

Look, Sara is wearing longsleeves in July!

Helena's little girl. Her hair reminds me of how mine used to be when I was little.

The kids were cracking up at these next pictures because it looks like Jane's arms are Sara's.

Using the scenic pond to do my yoga challenge :)

Good one of Gavin and Logan...

Good one of Logan and Sara...


Good one of Jane...

And everyone's goofy!
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Logan got baptized

Can you believe we have an 8 year old? Me either.

The matching colors weren't really planned. I picked out my dress so it would be blue like the girls but then when I saw us all together I noticed the boys had blue ties as well.

Ethan baptized Logan on 7/6/13

My dad and Ethan's dad were the witnesses.

Omi made the cute dresses on the girls.

All who came to watch Logan be baptized.

He picked Red Robbin to eat afterward and got his first set of scriptures from mom and dad.

And Omi got his name put on a scripture case.
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