Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Logan and Dad

Logan has been pretty cranky the past few days. I think i need to change my diet. I have been drinking caffeine and i think that might be the culprit. But Cherry Pepsi is SO good! We'll see if it makes a difference. And remember, if I have a picture on the blog there is more than likely a chance that I took a couple more with it that aren't shown, so check Logan's pictures link to see all the new ones. And check out Tristan and Terri's blog link to see our family photo from the wedding.


Kelly Bluth said...

He looks pretty relaxed! Are you still using snapfish or are all your pictures stored at shutterfly? I want to order some prints. The cherry pepsi may have to wait till he's weaned. Does he suck his thumb? Ask Ethan about that.

The Bluths said...

Yeah I am just using shutterfly, but i can put some on snapfish if you want me to. He does suck his thumb, but usually just his whole hand or fist. This picture was right after a long crying spree, he wore himself out.

The Bluths said...

Which one do you think looks like my dad?