Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Christmas wish list...

Well I decided to make a Christmas list for those who may have Ethan and I for Christmas or for parents. So here goes...

Waring 50th Anniversary Red Blender from Williams Sonoma
IKEA Antelop High Chair (18.99) with tray (5.00)
Baby Einstein DVDs for Logan
Conference talks on CD
Children's Hymn book
A plain brown belt for Ashley
Rogaine for Ethan (we just want to try it out :)
Ethan can always use more tools he says
Neutrogena Men face lotion for Ethan
I'll add more as i think of them


mellancollyeyes said...

A drawer for Logan to sleep in.
That thing where chicks in bikinis whale on each other.
One million dollars.
A pony.
A unicorn.
The entire IKEA store.
A pony.

And a pony.

The Bluths said...

His name is clip clop

Kelly Bluth said...

We sent you some money after you left, you should get it in a day or so. It is intended for luggage but if you would like to buy something else on your list go ahead. I've got some stuff for Logan I will mail before you go to Minn. There may be a few things in there for the two of you also.

The Bluths said...

Ooooo goody! I LOVE presents! Thanks a lot!! Yippee!!

TylerBluth said...

Ethan, my brother, we are bald bald men you should see me these days. just give it up. It has never slowed us down. Rogaine man, honestly, come on i got a better chance of baptising the Pope.