Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Logan likes his new Oregon shirt from his Blue Grandma. I took so many pictures of him and couldn't pick just one, so here are some more.

Ethan, Logan, and I are leaving for Arizona tonight. Wish us luck!


kelly Bluth said...

His shirt looks like it says REGO I don't know that school! He's sitting up so well! What a cutie. We wish you luck on your trip.

The Bluths said...

I still have to be right next to him when he sits up because he has a tendency to tip over and do a face plant, but he is doing really well.

Anonymous said...

AHAHA! Face plant! That would make me laugh! I loved it when my brothers would do that. I'm so wicked.

I like this photo. He looks like, "Wha? No, Mom, I totally didn't take my poopy diaper off and throw it behind the TV. What are you talking about?!"

The Bluths said...

Heh heh, yeah I think he is going to be a handful when he starts to talk.