Saturday, February 10, 2007

So much for blaming it on the dog...

Logan turned into a little puppy today.
1st offense: I found him chewing on our blockbuster return envelope. Now it is unusable.
2nd offense: He pulled out all my gum from my bag and eats it. About 4 whole pieces.
3rd offense: He finds my lip gloss from my bag and sucks it out.
4th offense. As I was doing some laundry he was in the hall (right next to me) and took out a roll of toilet paper. I caught this one on camera. I have no cluse how he got over half the roll un-wound in such a short period of time.

I guess I have learned to keep my bag out of his reach and to check in on him every 5 I am typing this, he found my glasses, which he isn't supposed to play with. Ugh.

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Herbert Family said...

And this is just the beginning of it:-)

Amie said...

Ohhh yes, I've had days like this! One day after another! Some day you'll laugh!

Grandma S said...

Isn't being a mother fun, fun, fun?

Kelly said...

At least nothing he did was really distructive. He looks pretty cute with the toilet paper all strung out in your room. It's always when they get quiet that you have to worry.

Amie said...

Thought I'd pass along the fact that my home teacher came to visit last night--he's just finishing up medical school for podiatry. I mentioned my foot problem to him and he suggested a few things, also said I should be able to continue doing aerobics just fine. Also, wanted to add that I started doing my treadmill in the morning and I really like it. It's not as hard as I thought it'd be. On M/T/W I have too many kids, but on Thurs/Fri I might be able to come to aerobics. We'll see. Cross your fingers! (I wouldn't even be able to keep up, I'm sure!)

Eliza Brock said...

Hey Ashley,
just thought I would leave a comment on your blog. (I don't have your email) Most skin cancers aren't too big a deal. They usually find spots of them on your face or arms most places that are exposed to a lot of sun and they just burn them off at the regular doctor. Unless they found a melanoma on her (a tumor under the skin) it isn't something to be concerned with. My mom has had a few spots of skin cancer on her nose that they just burned off. Probably about 3 different spots and times. Hopefully that helps. I am going to look for the jello pudding pops at Wal Mart next time I go. I was so excited to read that you had found them somewhere. Love those things!