Monday, March 26, 2007


Our quilt is here! We've had it for awhile, but Ethan wouldn't let me put up a picture until our wall art was done. Didn't my mom do a great job?!
After careful consideration we feel we picked the wrong picture for this piece, but we hung it up anyway. The picture is a bit too busy. So we'll have to scan through Tristan's pictures again to find one that better suits the room and quilt.
The detail.
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Kelly said...

The quilt is awesome! It turned out so nice. You did a great job on the picture, very creatrive, maybe a color one would go with the room better? You can hang it in the other bedroom/office.

The Bluths said...

It actually is in color. The branches are red, but something less busy definately.

Toni Nelson said...

Hey, cute room! I haven't been able to view your family pic for awhile, even on my blog when you leave comments. What's up with that?