Wednesday, April 4, 2007

What a goof

Logan has just been a cute, funny little kid lately. He has been smiling at me all the time which just makes me smile and makes our home a bit more cheerful. When I tell him to smile this is the face he gives me. He is modeling his new outfit from Omi in the bottom picture with his pancake.
We had a potluck lunch this afternoon with our ward and we brought eggs for an easter egg hunt. He didn't care about grabbing a bunch of eggs, he just wanted what was inside the first one we saw. We had fun and now he's napping after a long morning. Ah.

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Kelly said...

What a funny look on his face! It sounds like he had a good morning. Hope he enjoys his easter! The outfit should fit him for quite awhile.

Toni Nelson said...
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Amie said...

That first picture is so great with the light filtering through the shadows! cute kiddo!

Glo said...

Happy Easter! I can't believe how big and adorable that cheesy grin can be!