Friday, April 6, 2007

Hello I'm adorable

Logan has just been so cheesy for any pictures I take of him lately, but I love it. I caught him right after a big grin for this picture so it was perfect. His face is sticky from eating an orange.
We got satellite TV yesterday and I LOVE IT!! We canceled our cable bill because the cost kept going up and this is actually going to be cheaper. I love that I can record the Wiggles for Logan and he can watch them any time I want him to (not any time he wants). And Ethan can rewind cool sports plays and has about 5 channels of ESPN. And if I need Ethan to do something he no longer has the excuse "there's only 5 minutes left in this game" ; he can now pause it and come back! Whoo hoo! Plus we get a "free" portable DVD player which we have been looking for. Although we have to pay shipping which is $25, although a lot cheaper than buying a player on our own.
I also received a cool toddler bed for FREE. I just love free stuff especially when it is something I've been wanting. I was planning on getting a bed for Logan when he turns 2 and a girl in my ward has two that she was giving away. Here's a picture of it.

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Shepherd's in Wisconsin said...

very cute

Toni Nelson said...

DVR is amazing, isn't it? I can't ever go back! Cute pic.

Kelly said...

We really enjoy our satellite too. Plus BYU-TV so we get games and conference too. very nice bed for Logan. Is he sleeping in it yet? He has such a sweet smile.

Amie said...

How cool! Great bed, table, bookcases, and everything! =) You know I STILL have never been to IKEA. =(