Sunday, July 29, 2007


I styled Logan's hair differently for church today. His hair is so fine it is just easier to style it flat.
We've been having our "monsoon" weather this last week. Logan has enjoyed playing in the rain whenever we get it, which is pretty rare. Last night on our way home it started raining and Logan got out of the car and walked over to our neighbors house (the ones with the dog) and knocked on their door. We ended up staying over there and talking for about 1/2 hour. Logan was our icebreaker I guess since Ethan hadn't even met them yet.
Logan picked out Wallace and Grommit to watch yesterday and the scene he was watching was where Wallace was sawing the door to make the space ship. So Logan got up and started rumaging in his room. He came out with his own little saw and started sawing daddy's nose. It was pretty cute.

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Shauna said...

Logan looks so young in his little onesie.

kelly said...

Logan looks like he's ready for kindergarten in the first picture, and like a little guy in the bottom one. We "googled" your house last night. Pretty cool.