Saturday, July 21, 2007

Stake Picnic

Logan and I went to a Stake Picnic today. I made an apple pie for it and Ethan stayed home, he didn't want to go. Earlier in the morning Ethan was busy putting up new blinds that my friend was getting rid of and they were a big upgrade from ours so we took them. Only problem was that some of them were too short. They didn't go all the way down to cover the window. So after taking all the blinds off we discovered this. Oh well. And my car got hit today also. Someone at the picnic backed into it. I'm not sure how all this works, but I have their info and I'm not too worried, he is the bishop of one of the branches out here. My poor car. If you haven't noticed I added a pregnancy blog to my links. That way I can update with all my belly stuff there without bugging this blog.

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Andrea & Brett said...

Man that stinks! Looks like you have a nice car to!

Amie said...

Oh, bummer!! That stinks!!! So sorry to hear about your car!