Friday, September 14, 2007

I like pedal cars

I took the floorboard out of Logan's car tonight. He seemed to get the hang of pedaling with his feet pretty quickly. I am really starting to hate my camera. So someone please get me a new one for Christmas! I went to the doctor today so check out the pregnancy blog for that update.
Ethan has decided to stop eating sugary snacks. I didn't think he would last very long, but he's kept strong for over a month now! He had a milk shake once but that is it. This morning there was a bag on our door with a free sample of cookies that happened to be sugar free. So he gobbled those up right away.
My friend Jenna gave me a bunch of scrapbook paper she was just going to throw away so I took a ton of it and now have my stash to start making cards. I made 6 already just tonight. I'll take pictures of them later, or not, you might be getting one someday.
Since I finished the Twilight series, I wanted to read something else, but also not neglect Ethan in the meantime, so we are reading "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown together. That is a very slow process since Ethan gets tired so early and we don't get to read very far.
Other than that, not much else is going on. Enjoy the new post.
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Terri said...

I am not sure if your new camera Christmas request will fit into our siblings price limit. :)

Glad everything is okay with the baby. We had an utlrasound yesterday and the baby is measuring 16 weeks! So, they may move my due date up a week.

Amie said...

I've read that, it's a good one. Have you already read the DaVinci Code?

I understand the camera thing. I'm right there with ya. But $1000??? yikes!

Herbert Family said...

I have some books that you might like they are by an LDS author named Betsy Brannon Green. They are mystery novels.