Saturday, September 8, 2007

You're not going anywhere

We had to buy a chain lock yesterday since Logan has now figured out how to open and unlock the front door. On Thursday evening I was going to HFPE (enrichment) and Ethan was in the back room on the phone when I left. Logan saw me leave and I locked the bottom lock from the inside before I left. Turns out Ethan came out from the back and Logan was coming in from outside all by himself. That's scary! No more of that!

Also, Logan wanted to say thank you to Blue Gramma and Grandpa for the shirt, hat, jumping beans, and mug from Mexico. He really likes the hat.

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kelly said...

Boy, you have to watch those kids every minute!! Glad he likes the stuff, what did he think of the jumping beans?

Amie said...

Ahh yes...that's happened to all of us. My house looks like a battle station with all the locks all over. 'Course now they've figured out how to just drag a chair over to open what they need...I'm thinkin electric fence next.

Snedakers said...

Ooh - that's scary! I would be buying an additional lock too! Good thing he didn't wander off!