Monday, September 3, 2007


We went "svimming" today as Logan calls it. He was very excited despite what the video looks like. He was just a bit dazed I guess when I started filming. It was a perfect day for swimming. Since we weren't at our friend's pool he didn't have his little floaties on and I think that made him feel a little insecure when we were in the deep end, clung to us very tight.

Yesterday we went to the Norton's baby Ty's blessing and then afterwards we went to Dondra's parents house for a feast. Logan and the rest of the kids went on a golf cart ride around the area. He was gone for 20 minutes and came back saying, "cow". I guess they drove by the dairy and saw a cow giving birth. What a sight! The whole ride home he said 'cow' in as many voice inflections as he could come up with.

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Dena said...

He looks frozen. I hope he had fun!

kelly said...

Now when you go to have your new baby, you can tell Logan "remember the cow"????????? I love his hat!

Snedakers said...

Looks like a fun waterpark! Cute video