Thursday, November 1, 2007

The last of Halloween

Ethan took Logan trick o treating last night and he loved it. Ethan said that every time they would come up to a house Logan would see their pumpkins and say "wow, big pumpkin!" and have to pat it. He also liked handing big handfuls of candy to kids at the door. We sure got some good use out of this costume! Here he is posing by our boring pumpkins. I didn't want to carve them because they wilt so fast here. He actually sat down by himself. He was looking at the other trick o treaters in the picture.

Sorry the video is sideways. I forgot when I was recording it.


Ashley Dickman said...

I love his little costume! Yes, we took Kaden trick-or-treating too and he loved it! How fun!

Cassie said...

He looks super cute as a lion! I looked at that costume for this year for Cam but I had to get the 'lil stinker' outfit because it just fits him! When is Logan's birthday?

The Fantasias said...

He is so cute! I love the lion costume. You should save it and you can all be "wizard of oz" sometime (if the costume fits as a hand-me-down). :o)

Gina Owens said...

that is the cutest lion I have ever seen!