Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween time

We sure have had a lot of opportunities for Logan to wear his Lion costume. Monday night our local CVS store had a little getup where you bring your kids in their costumes, get free candy and a free picture taken and get put in a raffle. Here is Logan and Cyrena at the store. They walked off holding hands. So cute.

Tuesday night our ward had it's trunk-o-treat party. We all brought our blankets and had a picnic on the gym room floor with hotdogs and lots of chips. Here are some pictures of Logan having his picnic.

Logan and his buddy Hunter.

Our car definately didn't win the prize for best decorated trunk. All I had was this pumpkin. Oh well. Logan got the hang of this real fast and this year was able to say "trick or treat." His daddy let him stay up way past his bedtime eating candy. And of course he still got up the next morning at his regular time.

I dressed up as a picnic. You can't see my skirt in this picture, but it was out of a picnic table cloth. I had ants crawling up my arm and forks in my hair and a cut up plastic cup as bracelets. I'm not that clever to think of this on my own. My sister was a picnic one year, of course her outfit was a lot better.

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Snedakers said...

He looks so cute! Chandler had that lion costume last year. I love love Old Navy's costumes -they aren't way expensive but are warm and good quality
What a cute idea to dress up as a picnic!

Grandma S said...

what a great Halloween time. The lion and picnic costumes were darling.
Children are so much fun this time of year.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that lion costume, so cute!! And your costume sounds cute too, I love different ideas like that.

Amie said...

how creative that is!!

I just love that my kids have gotten 3 chances to wear their outfits this year (4 for Cameron who got to wear his at school)...I didn't even take one picture this eve because I already had so many, lol!

Great costumes!

Davis Family said...

cute pictures! I love your picnic costume and Logan looks so cute!

kelly said...

What a cute Lion! I just love the picture of he and Cyrena holding hands as they walk away. I just finished Twilight very appropriate for Halloween don't you think? I need to find someone with the next one in the series, I need to find out what happens at the birthday party!!!.