Monday, December 3, 2007

Authentic German gingerbread house! :)

When Tristan and Terri came to visit they brought us a ginger bread house kit. So we made it for Family Home Evening tonight. Logan ate the house he and Caitlin made while we did this one. It's not as pretty as on the box, but our frosting just wasn't as thick I guess. Thanks Terri!
We also made a trip to IKEA this weekend and got Logan his Christmas gift; a play tent for $9.99 and then we saw a wooden train set so we got that too. (FYI T & T they were not made in China)


The Fantasias said...

I'm going to Ikea today. Dean has that train set and LOVES it. I am going to get him the play rug! The kid is SO spoiled for Christmas, he is not going to know what to do with all his toys. Devin thinks it's ridiculous but I can't wait to see his face when he opens everything. :o)

Amie said...

the gingerbread house looks great and so yummy! much better than others I've seen this year. =)

Terri said...

Yay! The gingerbread house looks great!!! :)

PS - We already bought the Ikea train set as well. ;)

Snedakers said...

Cool gingerbread house, it looks really yummy! Great deal on the playtent - we got one for Chan last year and he's loved it.