Friday, December 7, 2007

Santa Claus

We had our ward Christmas party tonight. Tomorrow we have Ethan's work Christmas party. Logan isn't coming to that one. I could tell that Santa was asking Logan questions and he was mumbling some answers to him (probably just saying 'uh huh'). He got a little goody bag of candy.
I bought Logan a night lite today because he keeps getting up early in the morning, turn on his light, and then expect to us to be up too and watch cartoons. 4:50 am is a bit too early for me. Sometimes he'll even turn his light on for his naps and cry if we turn it off. I know he's not afraid of the dark, he just likes his light on. Hopefully the night lite will work out.
To see more ward party pictures visit the web album link.


Cassie said...

Logan looks so cute! That was the vest that I wanted for Cam from childrens place but they were out of his size! bummer!

Snedakers said...

Agreed -Logan looks so cute all dressed up and it looks like Santa was a hit too!