Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My grocery deal today

I've got to get all the grocery shopping in before the baby comes. Here's what I got today:

5 boxes of Life cereal
5 boxes of Cheerios cereal
2 boxes of fruit roll ups
2 boxes of Gushers
1 32 oz bag of shredded cheese

Total: $10.99
I saved $47.36 (81%)

Coupons used:
$10 off of 5 cereal (x2) - this was Safeway's deal
$4 off of 4 fruit snacks - also Safeway's deal
$1 off shredded cheese

Safeway doubles their manufacturers coupons up to $1 so here are those:
$1 off 2 fruit roll ups
$1 off 2 gushers
$1 off 2 cheerios
$1 off 2 cheerios
$1 off 2 Life
$1 off 2 Life
$1 off 1 cheerios
$1 off 1 Life

(Not pictured is the cheese)


Stephanie said...

I am insanely impressed with your grocery-buying prowess! I must check out this coupon sense! Any supermarket advice from the expert is welcome!

Anonymous said...

I think you should have Logan stack the stuff you buy, who needs blocks or Lincoln Logs! What a great shopper you are! You are going to have to have Ethan build on an extra room to hold all your bargains! (Kelly)

The Fantasias said...

I miss Safeway. We only have Kroger, Randalls and HEB (I LOVE HEB). That is a SWEET deal!!