Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Posting just to post

Not much has been going on. Unless you consider cleaning around the house something spectacular. Ethan cleaned up our front yard yesterday, we don't want to get a letter from our HOA for having too many weeds...I sure hate having an HOA (home owners association). If you haven't checked out the pregnancy blog, then you don't know when I am getting induced. I was doing fine with the whole thing, but now I am completely freaked out thanks to one of my friends. Ethan will be working on a new computer desk for us this week, hoping to get it done before the baby comes.

Last night I made a quick stop to the store and Ethan was putting Logan to bed. They read a book and afterwards we usually all say a prayer together. So Logan jumps up and starts looking for me to get me to come say a prayer with them, but I was gone. He goes back in his room to where Ethan is and says, "Mommy not in chair". I had to laugh when Ethan said that because I guess I am always at the computer chair when he needs to find me. Ha. Oh and Ethan asked what they should pray about.
Logan says: "Daddy, and Logan, and Daddy, and Logan, and Daddy."
Ethan: Who else?
Logan: And Mommy
Ethan: Who else?
Logan: Baby Gavin

I was surprise he said that about the baby on his own. I bought him some spiderman pjs to give him at the hospital as a gift from Gavin to him.


Darren and Traci said...

ok hopefully it wasn't me freaking you out. Everything will be totally fine. You have done this before and everything went smoothly so it will again. And will probably be easier since this baby looks like he will be much smaller. Also the fact that you have exercised the whole time will make you that much more prepared. Everyone gets some nerves going when it gets close to the time but don't worry about a thing. Have you took a tour of the hospital maternity ward? If not do that and if they have a nursery window take a look at the babies and it will get you excited that you are about to have this little one so soon!!!

Toni said...

Cute idea about the PJ's! Also, is there a reason you're getting induced? Sorry if you explained that and I missed it. My OB said she wouldn't induce unless there was a reason to, is why I'm wondering.

The Fantasias said...

We bought Dean a teddy bear that Eli was to give him in the hospital. I was so excited because it is such a fun way to introduce young siblings and also take any jealousy out of the moment. But it didn't end up being all it was supposed to be because Eli was rushed to the NICU and Dean never actually got to see him until he came home. It was hard for Dean to make the connection since there was no baby to see, so he didn't understand. But he still likes the bear. Oh well. I bet it will be perfect for you guy and I like that you are doing PJs. The LAST thing dean needed was another stuffed animal. :o) I'm sure your induction will go fine. I can't wait to see the new Bluth so take your laptop to the hospital to blog.

Amie said...

cute!! Why are you freaked out about the inducement?