Thursday, May 1, 2008


My conversation with Logan yesterday morning:

Me: Hey bud, did you sleep well?

Logan: Uh huh

Me: Did you have good dreams?

Logan: Uh huh

Me: What did you dream about?

Logan: Donuts

Yesterday afternoon Ethan took Logan with him to the store and got some donuts for tomorrows breakfast.

This morning Logan gets up at 6:00 goes into the bathroom where Ethan is showering and whispers "donuts".

What a weird kid we have.

The picture is of our old plant' Preston' that just had to go. We got a new Jasmine plant and it smells lovely by our front door now :)


EMILY said...

What a cute little family! Gavin is so handsome! And Logan, he is so cute!

I didn't know you all had a blog either! I told Tim to email our url out to everyone who he wanted to see it... I guess he never did. Well, I know he didn't because we are still getting comments from friends like you guys that had no idea we were part of the blogging world! Anyway, so happy to be connected with you. Looks like you are doing well!

Malie said...

That is funny. Kids say the weirdest things sometimes, but coming from them, it sounds funny.

Amie said... kind of kid!

Brooke said...

Oh...that made me laugh!! How funny! Now I am craving donuts...

The Watkins Family said...

I dream about donuts too :).

Eliza Brock said...

That is hysterical. I am laughing out loud. Gotta love those kiddos! I hate you b/c you get to be in the sun. It snowed here last week...uggh.