Saturday, May 3, 2008

A trip to the zoo

First, here are some pictures of Gavin sporting his Twins outfit.
I think it is so funny the shape his mouth takes when he sleeps. His bottom lip gets folded in half since he doesn't have any teeth to support it.

We went to the Phoenix Zoo today because Ethan won a free membership for a year from work. We get unlimited train rides, discount on the over-priced food, and passes for other people to join us. Hurray! These pictures are also in the web album.

Logan really liked riding the train, probably because there was a boy behind us that had a Spiderman shirt on and they talked about that the whole time. He also really liked the Orangutans because there was a little baby being silly. Once we told him we were going to see the Elephant he didn't want to see anything else until we got there. They has a splash pad and he got to cool off a bit before we left. Yes that is a Spiderman Tattoo on his belly. He wore underwear the entire time and had no accidents!
Gavin slept.

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The Watkins Family said...

Babies look so different when they sleep. I think Ellis looks like a completely different child when she's asleep vs. awake. It's all in the lips :).
The zoo sounds like a blast!

Jenna said...

very fun! I'm glad Logan liked the zoo. And Gavin looks adorable asleep...that's too funny.

Malie said...

LUCKY!!! I love the Phoenix Zoo, but it is expensive to go all the time. How fun for your family!

Aricka said...

Hey Ashley, Alexis and her little family are doing great. They live in Provo and I am pretty sure they will be moving soon out of the state. I don't know where yet wheverever work takes them. How is your family. When are you going to visit Idaho Falls?