Tuesday, July 8, 2008

1st trip to the dentist

The waiting room had video games, but we only waited for about 2 minutes.

He sat there like a pro, no worries.

Like his flared nostrils? What a goof.

The clean teeth (and toy he got).

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Eliza Brock said...

What the heck?!? This is the coolest dentist's office I have EVER SEEN!

marsh & tiff snedaker said...

Cool waiting room! Did you go to a pediatric dentist? I've thought about taking Chan this fall/winter but wasn't sure if I should try to find a pediatric dentist. Your new cabinet also looks great. Can't even tell - nice to have the extra storage, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

What a guy! He did so good, I'm proud of him. It sure makes a difference when they have a good first experience. Pretty cool office. You almost want to have to wait awhile! (Blu Grandma)

Shannen said...

Hey! I recognize that office - that's where we go too! I love it there, don't you? The kids beg to go to the dentist...you just can't beat that! Those are some nice clean teeth :)

Dena said...

Hey Logan! Way to go! I am very proud of you. You are the coolest!


Jenna said...

I'm so glad he liked it, hopefully it will stay that way!