Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pioneer Day Picnic

What's new? Ethan got us a lot of free things from work this past week. A Suround sound system, dishwasher (with 4 hour delay, hurray!), and a touch screen thermostat . A lot of little things to make our lives just a bit easier.

My friend Rachael and I made pies yesterday for our Stake Picnic. I made apple as usual.
Here is a family picture of many things wrong here: Logan looks pregnant, I have shine galor... I should have just cropped it around Ethan and Gavin.
Logan, Cyrena, and Macey playing ring around the rosey.
These 2 sure have been having fun together. So nice to have friends right around the corner.
Everyone enjoying their sno cones.

View the rest of the pictures here.
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Lois said...

It is very nice that Logan has friends so close.
Great family picture?????

Brooke said...

Such cute pictures....looks like you guys had a great time!

The Biancamano Family said...

Looks like fun!!! That ice looks good too!! I like your family pic!! Maybe I should use that one for the website :o) hehe!! Cute family!

Christine said...

My son is in the background of one of these pictures :)

Rachael said...

That family pic of you guys is great!